Automated Warehouse

Automated Warehouse Building

Location & Facility

  • This automated warehouse is situated on New BPI plant in the compound of Pharmaceutical Facory (Insein) BPI.
  • This building is one-storey building (Steel Structure) and Dimension is 90m x 90m x 14.5m.
  • Built under the WHO GMP Guidlines for Pharmaceutical Products Storage.
  • There are separated storage rooms for Raw Materials, Finished Goods, Packaging Materials as well as Cold Storage Room and various other rooms. All are designed to comply with GSP Standards.
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning System (HVAC) is under ISPE Guidelines and ASHRAE Standards to maintain temperature, pressure and relative humidity in automated storage areas.
  • Main production machines are made in Germany; some are purchased from Romaco, Italy.


Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) machines are designed and assembled by Daifuku Co. Ltd (Japan).

Warenavi Software

Daifuku Warenavi software is being used for the automation control.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System, designed by Profora Co. Ltd (Myanmar), is being used for inventory control of Finished Goods, Raw Materials and Packaging Materials. Also used to print stock & pallet labels and generate various charts and reports.


Building Management System (BMS) can monitor and record specific temperatures and relative humidity of storage rooms for 24 hours and can save energy by adjusting the chillers system in response to environmental conditions.


In Extra Low Voltage System (ELV), there are PABX phone line for communication between storage rooms, speakers controlled by control centre, fire alarm sensors and fire extinguishing system.

Supporting Areas

  • Main Server Room
  • BMS Room
  • MSB Room
  • Engineering Room

Finished Goods Storage Area

  • ASRS Area for Finished Goods
  • Finished Goods Reject Store Room
  • Controlled Substance Room
  • Cold Store (2°C to 8°C)

Raw Materials Storage Areas

  • ASRS Area for Raw Materials
  • Quarantined Room for Raw Materials and Packaging Materials
  • Clean Room for Sampling
  • Controlled Substance Room