About Us

Facts & Info

  • Built by Evans Medical Supplies Ltd. (Liverpool, England)
  • Opened on 23rd April, 1958
  • Total Factory Area - 110.18 acres (44.6 hectares)
  • Total Employee - 2000
  • Current Investment - 121.640 Billion MMK (100 Million USD)

Current & Next Year Plans

Current Year Plan
Next Year Plan

Our Vision

Leading of Myanmar Pharmaceutical Sector by producing of Essential Drugs for Public Health Care System

Missions for 2017-2018

  • Producing of Qualified, and Efficacious Drugs
  • To increase the production up to meet 2017-2018 fiscal production plan
  • To get ISO certification for Quality Management System
  • To establish Occupational Safety and Health Program at Factory
  • To enhance Cooperate Social Responsibility activities and improve working environment

Production Plants

1. Tablet & Capsule Production Plant (1)

2. Tablet & Capsule Production Plant (2)

3. Powder and Oral Liquid Production Plant

4. Anti-malarial Drugs Production Plant

5. Snake Anti-Venom Production Plant

6. Small Volume Parenteral Solution Production Plant

7. Large Volume Parenteral Solution Production Plant

8. Cephalosporin Production Plant

9. Automated Pharmaceutical Warehouse

Quality Policies

  • To provide QUALITY, SAFETY and EFFICACY of pharmaceutical products to meet the predominant standards as per the national and international regulatory requirements.
  • To maintain consistency in QUALITY to fulfill the customer satisfaction with a reasonable price.